How does the Öko-Ball Work?


So how does Öko-Ball work without expensive, unhealthy detergents?

The Öko-Ball maintains the PH spectrum of water at the same level
 of ordinary chemical detergents by utilizing negative ions which
 weakens the dirty surfaces and fabric adhesion so dirt can be
 removed easily from clothing.

The Öko-Ball has a center core that consists of a permanent magnet (BR 12000 gauss)

Far Infared Ray Ball:
Emits powerful far infrared rays and anions that activate the water
Antimicrobial Acting Ball: 
Provides powerful antimicrobial and sterilizing action
Allcali Ball: 
Consists of PH alkali elements suitable for washing your clothes.  Maintains the PH (acidity)
 Chorine Removing Ball: 
Removes residual chlorine from water
Powerful Permanent Magnet: 
(BR 12,000 gauss) Function to minutely classify water elements. 


  • The  Öko-Ball consists of four main natural ceramics contained in a round ball made of nontoxic material
  • The Öko-Ball is an economical way to save money on detergent, save the environment through lower usage of water, and can be used for individuals who are sensitive to dyes and other unnatural chemicals found in most detergent


  • Öko-Ball does not contain any detergent; there is no remaining chemical detergent residue on the clothes and fibers.
  • It does not cause any skin irritations for those who have allergies or individuals sensitive to dyes and other detergents.
  • The Öko-Ball  has an antibiotic agent which eliminates mold, chlorine, and other washing additives.
  • Powerful Catalytic Action-No need to add chemical detergent
  • Antimicrobial Action, Sterilization
  • Removal of Residual Chorine
  • Improves Water Quality
  • Does not require fabric softener
  • Cleans the interior of the washing machine.


Save money! Save the environment …

Öko-Ball is so much better we guarantee it! NEVER buy another box of expensive, chemical washing powder again!

  • Lasts for more than 1500 washes (Over 4 Years!)

  • No Chemicals

  • No Toxins

  • No Irritants

  • Super Cleaning Power

  • Saves YOU Water

  • Better for your family and the environment

  • A change you will love or your money back!