Frequently Asked Questions....                                                           

Frequently Asked Questions:     

Q: Does  Öko-Ball contain any materials that could be harmful if they were to be mixed with detergents, softeners, etc?    

A: No, Öko-Ball is not composed of any chemical materials and will not react with other chemicals within cleaning products.

Q: Where can I store the Öko-Ball?    

A: Öko-Ball can be stored anywhere, for example, a drawer, closet or even inside your washing machine or dishwasher.

Q: Will using the  Öko-Ball sanitize my clothes?

A: Yes. The tiny alkali ceramic balls perform the sanitizing function.

Q: What is the maximum water temperature I can use while using the Öko-Ball?

A:  Öko-Ball is the only ball that resists up to 90 degrees centigrade.

Q: If the clothes are very dirty, can I use a detergent with the Öko-Ball?

A: Yes. Adding additional detergent is optional; however it is recommended to use 20% of the detergent quantity that you were using before.

Q: Does Öko-Ball remove stubborn stains?

A: For stubborn stains it is recommended that you use a pre-wash setting, or pre-stain product to treat the stain.  Personally, I don’t use chemical products to remove stains.  Other items, such as, baking soda, vinegar or milk are good substitutes.

Q: Do I need laundry softener with the Öko-Ball?

A: No, but If you prefer the essence, you can add 1 or ½ teaspoon of softener to your laundry load.

Q: Does the  Öko-Ball remove bad odors and molds within clothing?

A: Yes. The powerful antibacterial action removes all molds and destroys all the pathogenic coli created from bacilli in your washing machine.

Q: Do I need an anti-calcium product for my washer when using the Öko-Ball?

A:  No. The mini alkali balls contained within the Öko-Ball act as an anti-calcium agent.

Q: How do I save energy by using the Öko-Ball ?

A: The efficiency of less water being used during the washing process along with the anti-calcium effect of the   Öko-Ball lessens the resistance of the washer to warm the water in less time.

Q: How long does the  Öko-Ball last?

A: The life span of the Öko-Ball is 4 years or comparatively, 1,500 washes


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