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Who couldn't use a few extra dollars in this economy?  Compare the cost of one Öko-Ball with a leading brand detergent and fabric softener:

Leading Detergent/Softener Öko-Ball
$10.99 for 24 Loads $39.99 x 2  for 1,500 Loads*
A savings of over $600.00 for the life of the Öko-Balls
* Large Capacity (stackable) washers require two Öko-Balls

Tired of buying dishwasher detergent and rinse agents in order to have clean, streak-free dishes?  Use your Öko-Ball and avoid the rinse cycle and the streaks and save money.

Dishwasher 2 in 1 Detergent Öko-Ball
$11.99 for 30 washes $39.99 for 1,500 Washes
A savings of over $550.00 over the life of the Öko-Ball

Save money! Save the environment …

Öko-Ball is so much better we guarantee it! NEVER buy another box of expensive, chemical washing powder again!

  • Lasts for more than 1500 washes (Over 4 Years!)

  • No Chemicals

  • No Toxins

  • No Irritants

  • Super Cleaning Power

  • Saves YOU Water

  • Better for your family and the environment

  • A change you will love or your money back!